What are the dividing lines between Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island? How do you know when you've crossed from one to another?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The NYC boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens are both on the island known as Long Island. The borough of Staten Island is actually a separate borough occupying an island by itself and is reached by ferry boat. No bridges connect it to the rest of New York City. The borough of the Bronx is separated from the island of Manhattan by the Harlem River and geographically  part of what I guess you would call ‘downstate’ New York as opposed to upstate New York (?) 

    Are you thoroughly confused now? I think you’re supposed to be. New York City prides itself on its inscrutability.

     And I realize you only asked about Long Island. So I’m taking liberties here. Incidentally,  the Statue of Liberty is located on its own island as well. Liberty Island. But it’s not part of NYC. It’s federally owned. You have to take a ferry to it as well.

     Together the five aforementioned boroughs constitute what is known as New York City. You can look for the signs which tell you which one of these 5 boroughs of NYC you’re in..but good luck finding them. If you’re driving you’ll probably be too busy making sure that you don’t get in an accident. New York is a different place to drive.

    The only borough that’s pretty obvious and you really don’t need a sign to know when you’re in it is Staten Island.  Because you have to take the ferry to get there. It’s a separate island and it’s the only borough on that particular island.

    Staten Island always seemed a little weird to me like when I was there it never felt like I was in New York City anymore. But technically you are

  • 1 month ago

    Brooklyn and Queens are two of the four counties on Long Island, the others being Nassau and Suffolk.  The borders are marked with signs, in general street names change (Queens has many numbered streets, unlike the other three) when changing counties, and building styles are quite noticeably different, Brooklyn has many brownstones, and in general older buildings.

    Not relevant to your question, but as a Staten Islander I must correct the doofus who says Staten Island has no bridge to the rest of the city.  The Verrazano Bridge has connected S.I. and Brooklyn since 1965.

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    The street signs are different and the house numbering systems are different.

  • Daniel
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    1 month ago

    Have you looked at a map?  That shows the locations of the county lines.

    You know when you've crossed from Brooklyn to Queens because there is usually a sign.  If you are driving on the BQE, you would be crossing over Newtown Creek.  On the Belt Pkwy, there is a sign as you go over Betts Creek.  For most of the way, the boundary line is just a line drawn on a map hundreds of years ago.

    The boundary between Queens and Nassau County is also just a line drawn a long time ago.  There is usually a sign when you cross.  If you aren't on a parkway or expressway, you can tell because the streetlights, signs, fire hydrants, pavement, and even the paint on the roads are different in NYC than they are in Nassau. 

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