What would cause the battery light to come on and steering to go heavy on a Ford Ka MK2? ?

It is Not the serpentine belt.... Already checked this. 

Definitely an electrical fault though. 

I have a diagnostics tool and it showed up only one error to do with the throttle. 

When I cleared the error, the battery light went out and power steering came back. 

As soon as I reved the engine the battery light came on and steering went stiff again. 

Any ideas please? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    The CHARGING SYSTEM light comes on when the alternator isn't functioning.

    The steering 'goes heavy' when the power steering pump isn't being turned by the belt.Your problem IS that the belt isn't turning both. The underlying cause could be something else the belt turns seizing and causing the belt to slip, which wouldn't be obvious visually.

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