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What does size preference in regards to dogs say about a person? I know some people won’t have anything but large dogs while others prefer ?

toy breeds. It must say something about a person’s personality? 

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    It doesnt.   Many have a size preference for practical purposes.   I have a chronic pain condition and handling a bigger dog/the energy of a bigger dog would be difficult.   With a small dog, I can play fetch down the hallway to burn off his energy on days that I dont have energy to go for a run outside.

    One user here herds sheep for a living..  A small dog would be absolutely useless for him.

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    I much prefer bigger dogs but I don't think it says anything about my personality.

    I've owned a little dog and seen plenty via dog clubs and tbh I find most a pain to live with. Bigger dogs are usually calmer and easier to live with in my opinion.

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    It says NOTHING.  We are going from larger dogs 80-90 pounds down to 50-60 lbs max - since my partner has pointed out that in another 10 years (minimum usual lifespan) neither of us may be "able" to carry a hurt dog weighing that much - from the hunting or tracking field to the car, or into the vet.  As you age, your physical health or your housing situation may DICTATE what size dogs you can best manage.

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    " It must say something about a person’s personality?" Why 'must' it? Some people have both!

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    Why must it? It might have something to do with personality in some cases, but I can think of at least a few good reasons for choosing a dog of a certain size, and none of them have anything to do with the personality of the person doing the choosing. Take me as an example. I've had dogs Labrador-size for the last 45 years. I have one now. But next time, I may well choose a smaller dog, since I will be in my 70s when I get the next dog and I prefer to have a dog I can carry if it should be necessary. Something that weighs less than 30 lbs is clearly going to be more suitable for an old lady than one which weighs 60 lbs or more. I doubt if I'll be any stronger in 5 years or so. My personality is what it always was. It's the body that's not.

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    2 months ago

    toy breeds are suitable for apartment living. If u have a backyard many may prefer a bigger dog

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