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Wellness Puppy food...?

Anyone here had any issues with Wellness Puppy food causing liquid stools?

Anyone heard of 4H food? (tractor supply) brand.... breeder was feeding this, i'm thinking of switching back to it for the pup...wet stools daily and nightly

and yes i switched properly within a week or so a little at a time initially, and yes the pup has been seen by the vet about twice now...not parvo, no worms or parasites...just seems like stomach issues

been giving a bit of pumpkin and got some probiotic from the vet...doesnt seem to help....

any experience with either one of these foods?

pup will be 3 mo in less then a week

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  • 2 months ago
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    Never heard of 4H dog food.  You may need to do another gradual change in food.  Get something without grains.

    Continue with the pumpkin, it is supposed to work on both diarrhea & constipation.  Try giving a little more, you may not be giving the dog enough.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    We use regular 4Health and Blue Wilderness grainfree as a 50-50 mix for our three dogs. They do not have any issues with their stool.

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