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Am i wrong to be mad? ?

Back story, me and my bf just stopped doing roommates and spent $4k to move out of the place we were sharing with his friend and my friend who are dating. She started causing drama for no reason, didn't clean up after herself using my dishes, her dog free roamed and peed on my things and threw a literal tantrum because i asked her to control the animal, and deflected the blame when i asked her to fix things she broke. 

Anyways, the oh so happy couple accuse me of being the problem because of my attitude, even though i reached out many times to talk only to be ignored. It's not necessarily him we don't like, just his cnt girlfriend.

The men run a business together, and it was agreed that all that would stay clean and separate. So they still speak daily and for the most part its just like normal colleagues.

My bf just invited him to play video games tomorrow. And i feel uncomfortable about it because he is personally blaming me for the mess. Am i wrong to be mad or am i being stupid? It'd be one thing if i just didn't like him, i don't really like many of bfs friends but none of them watched their gf throw adult baby tantrums toward me and blamed me for it. 

Help please, he can tell im in a bad mood but i don't want to be dumb if this is dumb

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    You're out of the situation now and if you don't grow up and move past it it's going to destroy your boyfriend's business relationship. Just stop it. If you're mature enough to cohabit with a love interest you should be old enough to not dwell on stupid stuff like this as if you were in high school. It's over, move on. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

     You’re totally entitled to you’re own feelings for sure z

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