Good Schools To Earn A Degree In Filming and Production?


I live in Florida and I am forty five minutes from Orlando. I am wondering if their will be good places to go to school for filming? I want to earn an associates and go for two years only. Graduate college in two years and hoping for the best to get a job at home for filming and production. I love to edit videos and make book trailers. But I’m in the main part where I don’t understand completely on how to create a book trailer and I thought maybe filming, editing videos and stuff will be my new hobby. I also love to write books and I want to be a best selling author. Hoping to get this degree. I want to keep being motivated and going back to school will be a good choice for me.  

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    An associate's degree is not going to do anything for you, given your goals. 

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