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If get a virus from a new USB, would the store be responsible? Could that happen? ?

There a local business that had many usb’s that weren’t in packages in a bowl that anyone can Just grab, if someone purchased a USB and put a virus on it returned it, and the store put it back up for sale would the store be responsible for repairing the computer of the next person that purchased the infected USB? A friend of mine believes this is what happened to his pc, He said he bought one from a bowl and once he tried to use it his pc crashes the min it starts up, ever since he used the USB even though it’s not plugged in anymore. I don’t believe this can happen, but he’s certain that someone was maliciously returning or placing infected USB’s now he’s trying to sue the store, is it a possibility that someone put a virus on it and returned it and would that make the store responsible? Would it just install the virus right away when being plugged in? 

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    It doesn't sound like a virus in the first place, and they'd have to be able to prove that the virus was on the drive at the time of purchase. The costs of taking it to court would outweigh the costs of "repairing" the computer.

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    Absolutely, 100%, no!  The store would NOT be responsible.

    The store PROBABLY expected anyone that purchased a USB Flash Drive to actually know what they're doing with a computer.  It's more than obvious that your friend doesn't.

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