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Does anybody know about Go Medicare?

I know it's been advertise and somebody told me it may be the last chance to enroll. They encouraged me to enroll with it. But I am wary of hidden fees and charges. I am already on medicare and medicare (illness). The relative pushing me to check into it is thinking about the promised $144 back. But I am suspicious of the promise of free money.I don't want to check into it if there is the hidden charge because they try to rope you in. Anybody know about this Go Medicare (advertised my Joe Namath).

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    You don't qualify for the $144 unless you are also on Medicaid. Advantage plans do help with a lot of things that Medicare doesn't cover, and there are some plans that are $0 premium. You have to check the plans though to make sure they include part D for your prescriptions, that the drugs you take are covered, and that the doctor(s) you see accept that insurance. You can search the plans yourself by googling medicare advantage plus your state's name.  Go to a site that says gov at the end if you want to get information and not just a sales pitch.

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    Medicare includes Part A, which everyone over 65 gets for free, Part B which you pay for, for supplemental expenses.  Part D, to cover prescription meds, and Part C, which is supplemental commercial insurance.

    Every year there's a period where you can change what you sign up for, and during that time my mailbox is never empty.  I get literally pounds of mail from the four or five companies offering Part C plans.  I've looked at them and decided they were not a good deal.  They're actually very expensive for what you get. They take advantage of most of your healthcare costs already being covered by Parts A, B and D.  They are there in the first place so commercial insurance companies can make a little more money off you.

    But I suppose it depends on your situation. 

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