Is it worth selling my 09 Jetta for an 09 Corolla?

I've been debating on whether I should sell my Jetta, it an 09 2.0 TDI (diesel) engine and it has about 180k miles driven. I'm not the first owner. My cousin (mechanic) bought the car from an auction and drove it. When his brother totaled his own car, my cousin gave him the Jetta and now I'm driving it. Of course the car has been maintained to the best of my ability, and the reason I want to sell the car is because I just want something a little more basic, just to take me around. I'm just a college student but I've grown up in a Corolla household, and Ill be honest I regret buying the Jetta. I should have bought a used corolla instead.

My model and year Jetta isn't exactly what I expected. The last time I checked, the average market price is $4k for the car. But the mileages are also quite high, 300k mile. I haven't checked recently but I assume the results are the same.


CORRECTION: I just checked autotrader, and the mileages are not that high and the average price is $3k-$4k

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  • 1 month ago

    Stick with the old car that you do know, rather than the old car that you don't know.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Who is winning the debate?   I am not in the debate team so it is ALL YOU to figure it out.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    You won’t get much money for the Jetta and will probably cost you net money to buy a similar age Corolla off someone else .

    If the Jetta isn’t giving you problems, why gamble on possibly buying trouble with someone else’s 11 year old car?

    Forget dieselgate. It had nothing to do with the quality of the VW TDi , just meant they were not as economical as they said . I had a 2012 Passat which claimed 62 mpg (UK), frankly incredible for such a large car, but the actual 50-55 is pretty good anyway. 

    Also it is quite a nice drive giving performance ranging from decent (102bhp) to seriously quick (180bhp).

  • 2 months ago

    As much as I respect TOYOTA, I would KEEP The JETTA with the turbo diesel engine in it as it WILL LAST way past the 500,000 mile mark! USE ONLY PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO oil for DIESEL engines or AMSOIL for DIESEL ENGINES but PENNZOIL gives an extended warranty to 500,000 mile on ANY engine that uses it! THINK AGAIN! The JETTA mas MADE for the AUTOBAHN and features a SUPERB suspension that only the MUSTANG has attempted to copy. The JETTA is a REAL AUTOMOBILE! The METALS ARE stronger AND IT IS USUALLY TESTED safer THATN MOS OTHER CARS IN ACCIDENTS! you CAN sit ON THE doors AND THEY WILL not EVEN bend! My motto is that th4 GERMANS do NOT like DEAD GERMANS, and it IS totally TRUE! The us an interesting MOTOR MOUNT that will DROP THE ENGINE under the car in a serious frontal crash and push the engine UNDER YOU!  You have MORE space to NOT get injured! The ENGINES are on the WARD's BEST column every year until DIESELGATE appeared! you should be getting 42 at LEAST on the highway! The COROLLA cant do THAT!  You are MORE LIKELY to survive a serious crash with the JETTA! BEAKES last for 100,000 miles at a time! GO TEST DRIVE a new AUDI CAR to see how GREAT they are and realize that A JETTA is a first cousin and both are owned by VW< the LARGEST car maker in the world! Other VW cars are the PORSCHE< the BUGATTI< the LAMBORGHINI and the BENTLEY! Its a KEEPER fpr REAL! 

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  • 2 months ago

    A jetta is pretty basic.

    I can't imagine how you get more basic. 

    If your car is in perfect condition, it's worth $3000.

    Your car bounced around to the auction and cousins, I don't it's in perfect condition.

  • 2 months ago

    You're a student. Let that be a lesson to you.  Don't change cars just for style. If it runs well enough keep it and spend more time on your studies.

  • 2 months ago

    Looks like a waste of time to me.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If the jetta had no major problems keep it. The 2009 corollas were not as well made as the ones from the 1990s  although it seems the 2020 corolla has been improved. 

  • 2 months ago

    So you want to sell your low mileage Jetta in good shape for a more basic Corolla with a history that you are not familiar with. ??  That would demonstrate brand loyalty.  

    It is a rule of thumb economically to fix a car rather than trade it.  In this case I see no reason to trade other than Toyota loyalty to trade.  Maybe you do not think that you deserve to drive a Jetta ??  That the car is too good for you. ?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    In the USA, in good clean condition, the Jetta is worth about $1000. If it still works, drive it to the ground and don't bother replacing it except if upgrade to a newer car.

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