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What level do I need to be for high school gymnastics ?

I am a excel gold in gymnastics and I’m so scared that everyone at high school tryouts are going to have a lot better skills than me 

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    You'll be fine. If you have any gymnastics acumen and have had formal training, you're most likely to be at least average, probably as good as anyone there.

    My ex-fiancée is a former Olympic gymnast for Switzerland. She compound fractured her ankle doing a vault in her tryouts for her second Olympics and that ended her Olympic career when she was 17. I met her freshman year of college at University of Michigan when she was 18, her parents sending her to the states to go to university as a consolation for her lost gymnastics career. Even with a bum ankle, she walked onto Michigan's gymnastic team and was far and away the best gymnast there. Because I used to go to her practices and sit and watch, I got to see the other newbies. They all pretty much straight-up sucked. I went to matches, and so a lot of really terrible gymnasts competing at the college level. I mean, there were good ones, very good ones, but most were crap. 

    I told my sister, who had almost no formal training but had taught herself gymnastics in the back yard starting when she was just little and who had never been on an actual team because of our high school not having one that when she got to college, she should try out for the gymnastics team because was way better than what I was seeing.

    My point is, if you have any skill at all, and it sounds like you do, then you're going to have no problem getting onto the team. Maybe you won't be the best, but I guarantee you won't be the worst. That's because with gymnastics teams, it seems like they must have a hard time filling all the spots, so they're scraping the bottom of the barrel a lot. Plus, in high school, gymnastic teams have to compete with other more popular sports for the best athletes. Cheerleading is a big one. Cheerleading is the golden ticket to popularity for girls. The best cheerleaders know gymnastics, so when a girl is trying out for cheer and for gymnastics, if she's very good, she's going to be offered a spot on the cheerleading squad, and for most girls, if it's a choice between cheer and gymnastics, they're going with cheer because that easily makes them one of the most popular girls in school. So high school gymnastics teams often don't get the schools best gymnasts.

    So quit worrying so much. You'll get on. I have a feeling you'll be surprised at how good you are, how much better you are than others.   

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