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How to train my cat?

I noticed that my kitten’s behaviour has changed alot .. It started biting and scratching and It became more aggressive .. So how can I train it to maintain its behaviour once again ??

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  • 1 month ago

    You won't. All kittens go through an adolescent phase and will push boundaries like never before, as they try and explore things for themselves. Your sweet, dopey kitten is now becoming a CAT, and this is all part of the process. They grow up, want to play more, fight more, etc. A few things you can to do curb the behavior and redirect it are-

    -Do not engage in play with arms, hands, legs, and feet. If your kitten wants to play, you play with appropriate toys ONLY, no human limbs. You may notice it may keep trying, but simply get up and walk away if this happens. Your kitten will soon learn that it loses a playmate and will get it. TOYS ONLY.

    -Speaking of toys and playtime, this is when you need to, if you don't already, playing with your kitten, even more than you ever had before. A tired cat is a happy cat. I remember increasing the playtime from an hour to 2, even 3 per day to wear them out and decrease the biting and scratching. It helped a lot.You can also try and get interactive toys, jingle balls that it can push around, wand toys are great for aerobics and jumping, and mice with catnip. These will all stimulate your kitten and help to tire it out, but nothing beats play sessions with their human. 

    -If the kitten starts jumping on surfaces that aren't allowed, or starts scratching on places that aren't allowed, you need to get scratch posts and a cat tree. This will really help to stop jumping on counters, tables, and scratching up furniture. My cats have a huge tree and a couple scratch boxes and they love them, and our couches and counters are safe. 

    -You can also invest in "kitty TV." Do you have a window they like to look out of? A bird feeder hung up outside will provide great entertainment for a long time. Many owners will also place perches for their kitties on their windows, so they can laze in the sun and "watch kitty TV." 

    Your cat is pushing your buttons, plain and simple, and will continue to do so until they are 1-2 years old. Even the most hellish kitten normally mellows out into a lazy old cat. You just have to get through the kitty teens, and normally, more play, more exercise, and more stimulating toys and things helps the owners from tearing out their hair. 

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