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Can’t hear audio on windows 10 laptop?!?

Hello! Today I made an video on my windows 10 laptop for a school presentation. I used the camera app on the laptop and everything recorded fine, except I can’t hear anything from the 2 minute recording. The video plays from beginning to end and I can’t hear anything. I tried turning up the volume to see if my voice was the problem but the video is completely silent. Did I do something wrong while recording? I have no clue on what to do! Please help!! :( 


What can I do to recover audio

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    You CAN'T recover the audio if it wasn't recorded in the first place, my young friend.

    Have you checked to see if the camera app on your laptop actually records audio?  Some will only record the video.

    Right-click on the little speaker icon near the the right hand corner of your Taskbar and select Open Sound settings.  Check to see if there's an input device listed. i.e. microphone.  If it is selected, click on the button that says Troubleshoot.

    I'm afraid, my young friend, that you WILL need to record your video again.

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    Get video editing tools and record the audio again.

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