Do you live to die and die to live ?

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  • 1 month ago
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  • Kin
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    2 months ago

    No, I'm not living to just die without purpose. I would want an honorable death when God takes my soul. I've come across all kinds of interesting strangers and family who tried so hard to save my life when I was in danger few times in my life especially as a young babe. There were things out of my control obviously happening that were life threatening and many kind strangers did their part to save or to protect me. It certainly was distressing for my family yet grateful. So, I feel like I should do something with my life that will help me live a fulfilling, admirable life no matter the kinds of obstacles that were in my life and out of my hand.

    I also want to do something that will honor those who worked so hard and who used their willpower, their position in life and their kindness to help me live. Furthermore, I do believe God Almighty helped me survive, and He protected me and spared my soul when I could have died so many times in my life due to things that were life threatening to me. So, I am grateful to Him and I hope the angel of death will be kinder to me on the day God Almighty wills death for me. I will never forget how kind God was with me the way He spared my soul when I was in near death experiences. I can never forget the pain and the comfort God gave me.

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