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Is America becoming communist with all these COVID restrictions and soon forced mandatory vaccinations? What happened to my body my choice?

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    It's what your body can give someone else that's important, not your body your choice, if you want this disease to disappear you whole country needs to follow the advice from the health experts, we had total lockdown in Australia and are now one month of covid free cases in the whole country, then one new case yesterday from a worker in a hotel used to quarantine people still coming home from overseas, the worker caught it from an American air crew that was staying in the hotel. but that's under control now as well, no other cases so do what John F Kennedy said, it's not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country...good advice, especially now.

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    Communism is a form of totalitarianism.  The state holds all the power and uses it as the state sees fit. 

    In the US the Bill of Rights expressly mentions inalienable rights we all have from our Creator and bans the government from passing laws that would infringe on them. 

    These include a right to practice our religion as we see fit & the right to assemble with other people in the first amendment, and the right to our private property being secure in the 4th amendment. 

    Yet in the name of COVID the government is assuming powers similar to those of communist totalitarians and ordering churches & synagogues & mosques closed, ordering citizens to stay home and away from other people, ordering businesses to close, and ordering everyone to wear a mask (like Saudi Arabia does with women). 

    And just like communist countries, those politicians ordering us all into house-arrest are running around violating their own orders by asserting their power, wealth, & privilege. 

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    Communism is a "work according to ability, receive according to need" economy. It has nothing to do with restrictions, except the restriction on exploiting your fellow human.

    There probably will be enough people who voluntarily take a vaccine to achieve herd-imunity

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    It is your choice, as long as you're not exposing others.  Go wild at home in quarrantine, or wear a full face shield and gown if you want.  However, in public, there is a danger posed to others, which is the reason for such restrictions.

    My body, my choice it out of context in terms of vaccination.  Progressives are generally in favor of vaccinations.  That said, if you heard that general mandatory vaccinations are coming, your source may be misinformed.  It will be a job requirement in come cases - very reasonable, for a surgeon.  And for many months, the issue will be moot - there will be more who want the vaccine than there are doses of it.

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    I'm unsure what communism has to do with it, but I suspect you don't know what communism is, anyway.

    The government isn't going to mandate vaccinations they will recommend them.  States may require them to attend public school, airlines and cruise lines may mandate them for travel.  You can either get vaccinated, or not travel.  That's your choice. 

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    Usa is always capitalist don't worry

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    Interesting outlook since the US is the country with the highest number of cases and deaths because they are the only one that doesn’t go by the restrictions. Is South Korea communist? What about Australia? Japan? Ghana? New Zealand? All those countries have harder rules and some of the lowest number of cases. The US is just a bunch of whiners who want to break the rules and don’t care about anyone else 

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    Do you wear your seat belt when driving? Same thing, Einstein. It's a measure for the safety of the PUBLIC at large, therefore, you personal whims are not a valid argument.

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    As long as you lock yourself into a hole, and don't associate with people, no precautions are necessary.

    It is people like you who refused to obey safety measures that force more drastic ones.

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