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What evidence is there for evolution? How are adaptive traits and genetic similarity between different species alone evidence for evolution?



Have you personally witnessed one species morph into another via magical mutations? Please give me the “MOUNTAINS” of evidence. 

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    Speciation can easily happen because the modern definition of species sets such a low bar that even African elephants that can and do interbreed in the wild can now be called different species. But all that has been observed is a species producing a different variety.

    Adaptive traits and genetic similarity is often better explained by a common creator than by random evolution.

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    You people can't even write a one sentence question with intellectual honestly. You try to slip in the word "alone" to strongly imply that (A) these are just a couple of tiny little insignificant bits of information and (B) that there's nothing else. Both of these implications are completely false.

    There are MOUNTAINS of evidence for evolution, and not one single solitary fact that doesn't fit in with the theory. Not one.

    Edit: Another master class in intellectual dishonesty. Now you're pretending that the only class of evidence that can possibly exist is direct observation of the entire process from beginning to end. This is, of course, another MASSIVE lie.

    The mountains of evidence are collected in peer-reviewed journal articles that have been published over the last couple of centuries. The vast majority of these are free for anyone to examine for yourself. Here's a link to 600,000+ get you started:

    I look forward to your detailed, evidence-based analyses.

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