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Do contemporary royal brides offer a dowry?

The Portuguese crown gave two cities as dowry to the British crown in 1661, when King Charles the Second of England, Scotland and Ireland married Catherine of Braganza, a princess of Portugal.

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    No, though obviously a bride from a rich family would bring her own wealth to the marriage, in the form of a trust fund or something.ย  I imagine Catherine Middleton did so.

    The last I heard of a dowry actually being required for a royal/aristocratic marriage was when Grace Kelly married Prince Ranier of Monaco in 1956. Ranier demanded one, but by then, it was unusual.ย  Kelly's father was very disgruntled by being asked to provide one.

    Historically, dowries were intended for the financial protection of the bride. If she was widowed or divorced, the dowry was supposed to be repaid to her, for her support. In the meantime, her husband (and she) could enjoy the income, but the dowry was supposed to be carefully protected and managed for the sake of her future security.

    The Kelly dowry, however, was intended to help shore up the Grimaldi finances, then in somewhat shaky condition. The Monegasques hadn't yet started making money hand over fist via casinos and so forth.

  • The Queen offered the Isle of Man as a dowry for anyone willing to marry Beatrix or Eugenie but nobody wanted it. In the event, it worked the other way where she sold them both off to become scullery maids for rich bankers.ย 

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    Dowries are absolutely still a thing in the First World. We just don't call them that.ย 

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    Dowries are no longer a necessity, but it certainly doesn't hurt when the bride comes from a rich family. Catherine Middleton's family wealth came in handy and they helped with some of the wedding expenses.

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    No, they don't. The days of bringing money, or territory as a dowry are long passed,ย  but they do explain how possessions such as the Shetland and Orkney Islands came to the Crown, the former offered as a security against a dowry that was never paid. With trade deals in the news, Queen Catherine's dowry which also included lucrative trade deals with Brazil and the East Indies, might be a tradition worthy of revival.

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