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Did anybody tell Trump that if he pardons people who know his secrets, they can't plead the 5th if called to testify against him? ?

And if they lie, they can be charged with perjury. It could all backfire on him. 


According to Laurence Tribe, and he should know: “Anyone pardoned by Trump would lose most of the 5th Amendment’s protection against compelled testimony that might otherwise have incriminated the pardoned family member or associate, making it much easier for DOJ and Congress to require such individuals to give testimony that could prove highly incriminating to Trump himself,” Tribe said in an email.

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    I think someone should tell you that a pardon does not disallow people to plead the 5th.  A pardon only prohibits prosecution of federal law, it doesn't demand the criminal to give up their constitutional rights.  I believe you and Mr. Tribe conveniently forget that incrimination is not limited to criminal liability.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Trump is pardoning these people because they did nothing wrong, accept be Trump's friend and try to get at the truth about all the Democrats who are lying, cheating and committing treasonous acts. THEY should be in prison or at least indicted. you'll notice nobody on the Democrat side who have signed faked FISA warrants, faked the Steele dossier, spied on Trump when he was a candidate, threatened and blackmailed a Ukraine President, embezzling a phony (Biden) cancer charity, voter fraud, have NEVER even been handcuffed!!  No one will touch them and they know it. AG Barr and the FBI won't even investigate. so yeah, since our justice system is incapable of doing its job, Trump has to pardon good, honest people. you should be afraid right now, very afraid.

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    Anyone can be charged with perjury if they lie “on the stand”.   🙄.   Did you ever consider the fact that they don’t need to plead the 5th in the first place???  

  • 2 months ago

    did anyone tell your mom Obama was SURE to prosecute Bush's "war crimes?"...

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