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Do you prefer to pay in cash or card?

I pretty much always use cards when buying at main stream chain franchises etc. But I'm not sure what the preferred etiquette is when paying at small independent businesses, restaurants, massage parlours etc. Do they prefer cash payment. I know the government prefers card payments as it makes tax evasion harder, but what do small business owners prefer?

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    Small businesses would prefer cash to avoid the credit card fees, but first and foremost they want the sale (and prices are usually set to accommodate CC fees).  

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    I've used cash as a means of payment and still do. A year or so ago, I made a purchase at Lowe's and when told the amount, I handed the kid 4 -$ 1,000 bundles of cash and a #20 bill. The poor kid had no idea what to do.

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    I use a card almost all the time.  For smaller independent businesses I try to use cash if the total is small enough.  There are fees of 1-3% (at least depending on the type of card and how much you charge) which comes directly out of the business' pocket.  

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    It is very expensive for small businesses to accept cards.    Yes, they should build that expense into their prices, but I still like to pay cash for pretty much everything under $20 (because I always have a $20 bill).   I always make sure my purchase is actually rung up because employee theft is very common in small shops with a lot of cash transactions. 

    I will sometimes use a check too.   For example, my horse riding lessons are $60 ($240/month) and I write my instructor a check.   He could keep a credit card on file which would be convenient for me, but I don't want him to have to pay all those credit card processing fees.  It really adds up. 

    In restaurants I generally pay with card.  I don't like all the tax evasion that occurs when paying in cash.

    Grocery stores and retail like Target I always pay with a card. 

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    Card seems most convenient when in a busy establishment. Cash is still preferred in many smaller businesses in my area. Additionally, due to living in a rural area I find that many people are still willing to barter.

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    It's a toss up. They receive less revenue with credit cards, but better bookkeeping and much less administration in handling money. The smaller the business, the more they like credit cards.

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