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Why in English, spellings are unnecessarily made complicated? Like why wrote Michael when you Could write Mykal or Mycal?

Same with words like fone, sykology, kemistry, krismas......... 


In education there are other things than just English but dear poor anonymous, you need your own brain to questions why are things spelled that way. But as you are just a troll you definitely don't have brain 

Update 2:

Btw educated English anonymous expert, I never said its difficult, i just asked reason why? I'm sure your education never told you why... 

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    British spellings are based on how people spoke in the Midlands when Caxton started printing.  Before that, spelling was phonetic and varied with dialect.  American spellings are based on Webster's friends spoke when he wrote his dictionary.  

    The original pronunciation of Michael (it is a Hebrew word) had the guttural "ch" now only found in Scotland and Liverpool.   The i was short so that the first syllable sounded like a Liverpudlian saying "Mick" the a and e were pronounced separately, so it was Mick-ay-el.

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    A long time ago there was a movement to "gentrify" the barbaric, Germanic-rooted English language. Letters were added to words to make them more like Latin, like adding a "b" to "debt". Factions fought to replace Latin-rooted words with Germanic equivalents ("not-to-be-thought-uponable" vs. "inconceivable") and vice-versa ("ventosity" for "farting"). Anyway, English is littered with the castoffs and casualties of this war.

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    It is easy if you have a fairly good education

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