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Question for British women...what would you think if a male friend said he had a dream about you and told you about the dream. ?

Please no uptight Americans, I am asking UK women. She had broken up with him in the dream, last night, and I was enthusiastically carressing between her legs with my tongue when I suddenly noticed she had hairy legs and they felt prickly on my face so after a few minutes of perseverance, I gave up. I have never seen her legs before.

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    I would roll my eyes and forget about it. 

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    This is from an Indian straight male ...most British women are the most irresistible and dangerous much so that one has to convince them gently to come to India.

    Case in point :

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    MISOA....Lady Diana is revered and loved where i come from !!! 

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    "I dreamt about you last night."

    "Did you?"

    "No, you wouldn't let me."

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