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is windows host.exe a malicious file?

hi, i once got a ransomware attack and after that , i runned RESTORO antivirus. it showed me 3 malicious files. one of them was located in C:/ProgrmData and was named as "Windows Host.exe" . was it the  host file infected by hackers or downloaded along with malware?

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    No,it is not malware but an important piece of your operating system's software.Restoro is not an Antivirus application, nor does it repair compromised or damaged Antivirus software. Restoro is regarded as a complimentary solution to an antivirus, repairing the damage already left behind by the malware after it has been isolated or removed by an antivirus. Get rid of it and get a real anti-virus like Avast,AVG,Avira,Bitdefender,Kaspersky,Sophos Home,Panda Dome,or 360 Total Security. All mentioned have free versions that are very very good. Also add the free version of SUPERAntispyware as an extra malware scanner to your anti-virus.

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    Windows Host is a critical system service. Hoowever, it's not supposed to be an EXE file in ProgramData so it's likely part of the malware. It's pretty common for them to use important-looking filenames so that you don't delete them.

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