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What are your thoughts on Trump wanting to fire William Barr after Barr recently told Trump to give up and except defeat?

Many of Trumps advisors are telling him NOT to fire Barr

Barr was Trumps best ally

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    That is not what Trump said. He was?asked if he was planning on firing Barr. Trump said he did not d know and the interviewer should ask him that question in two or three?weeks. Trump does not plan anything. He acts on impulse. 

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    Anybody claiming that Barr was a Trump ally is completely detached from reality.

    Nobody should accept a nonexistent defeat. A win by fraud is not a win.

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    My thoughts are that never happened . Not sure if you are a typical Leftist liar or an even more typical victim of Fake News .

    Always glad to help ! : )

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