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What was your experience with menopause?

Some of the symptoms I am experiencing:

-1 irregular period (50 day cycle), mine is usually 27/28 days

-Dizziness during one period

-Menstrual migraines

-Lighter menstrual bleeding

-Lower libido, vaginal dryness at times

My breast feel tender (but it's usually been that way) and dry, I have had cysts for years now.

Other symptoms: Ears ringing/pressure, trouble concentrating sometimes (could be anxiety?)

I dont have hot flashes or night sweats. I seem to be fine during the month and experienced the dizziness close to the period. On my period, I also felt feverish and had aches on my body. The period after the irregular cycle, I had dizziness, low blood pressure and my heart rate felt slower than usual.

I'm not anemic, my routine blood test was normal. I'm 30 and not on birth control and not pregnant.

Thanks in advance for sharing

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    At the age of 30 - you should be too young to be having "menopause" symptoms.

    Talk to your doctor - you might just have a hormone imbalance.   Routine blood work doesn't check on hormone levels unless the doctor believes they need to be checked.

    Menopause at your age is not impossible but it is also not likely.  You shouldn't really be getting menopause symptoms until sometime after the age of 40 - usually after 45.

    Low blood pressure can cause dizziness - so the dizziness may be related to the blood pressure and not the period or cycle issues.

    Personally - my most noticeable symptoms have been dry skin - dryer hair and hair that breaks or falls out easier - and very minor night sweats.  I had a hysterectomy before reaching full menopause - so I don't know how my periods would have changed - but before the hysterectomy - I was actually bleeding almost all the time because of fibroids.  I did keep one ovary so that I would have a natural change in hormone levels instead of sudden full menopause caused by surgery.  

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    A a man,I have observed that my wife completely lost interest in sex shortly after menopause.Quite a change from her previous state.

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