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I've been seeing this girl for about 3 months now. Things are still new and we are still getting to know each other. I consider myself a person of depth and I'm into psychology and thus I tend to be inquisitive with people to try and ask questions and am interested in them. I totally get that everyone is different and not that way. Anyways... Me and her are pretty busy during the day. We will text here and there when we can. But more often then not.. she says.."hope you had a good day". Often times I work from 9am to 9pm and she will text me this when her day is over at like 4 or 5 pm. My question is... Is it bad to get a grossed out feeling from that kind of question and does it irritate anyone else? I just feel like it's a cop out. It makes me feel like she's not interested enough to actually ask HOW was your day and then listen to the response. To be clear...I know that that's a common phrase that ALOT of people use and I know it should be taken as someone cares enough to say it in the first place. 

Thoughts on this?? Should I move on? 


Just to be clear. Context is everything here. She doesn't say it after a conversation about a big meeting or after discussing anything to do with the day to come. It's always just kinda out of the blue. I usually respond and say... Thanks! How was your day? Or what did you have going on today? And then she will tell me in detail...which is great and what I want but there's no reciprocation. 

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    If you want to MoveOn from your girlfriend just because she asks you if you had a good day, then you should see a psychologist immediately.

    You’re probably the same type of annoying person who gives a small business a bad review over something that they didn’t even bring up to them and talk about and give the biz a chance to fix. You need to work on your communication skills and your arrogance/solipsism 

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