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Movie About a Guy With a Rifle Hunting a Couple?

Saw a while back. Can't remember the name. It has this guy with a rifle chasing this bf and gf around playing cat and mouse. Not killing them but killing everyone around them and getting them in deep ****. Dude shoots a cop while he's held at gunpoint by the couple so they can try and explain they're innocent. Occasionally the female protagonist has a shot at the killer and he basically says "do it" but she flinches and just runs away. She does it at the end. There's this one scene where the gunman is in the back of a cop van and he's cuffed and he straight rips the skin off around his hands to pull them off. Doesn't bat an eye. Like he feels no pain. But ya anyone know the name of this one?

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    The Hitcher with Sean Bean

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