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Should I marry my fiance when I still have such strong feelings over this other girl?

I'm 50 and im engaged to a wonderful woman. We've been seeing eachother for 2 years. She lives out of state from me. Before I met her I began seeing this girl who is 20 now. We started a relationship when she was just 18. By the time she was out of high school she would come over to my house for the weekend. She would lie to her parents about where she was going which made me feel guilty. We truly loved each other. We knew though thatd we'd never have a future and wouldn't have a chance at getting married cause of our age difference. While we were seeing eachother we agreed to seeing other people. She never did but I did. I met a woman out of state so it was easy for us to still see each other without her knowing. Were now engaged. Last week when the girl was over at my house I broke the news to her and told her I'm moving with her and were getting married. She broke down crying and told me she will always love me and ran out of my house sobbing. I just about began crying. I keep having second thoughts if I should get married cause my feelings are so unbelievably strong for her. Any advice?

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