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Clomid... ?

So I’m probably going to sound like a crazy person but here I go...

 I’m on the second try of clomid and taking the estradiol, I’m also taking prenatal, I know too many vitamins can be harmful BUT with the medicine you are now aware of , is there any other vitamin you recommend on helping with ovulation and it actually being successful?? Again with it NOT being too many vitamins. 

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    Depends on your diagnosis. Some vitamins regimens are recommended for PCOS, others for egg quality or to support building a good lining, and yet others for increasing sperm count/quality if your partner is the one with the problem. Just be aware that some common supplements for fertility (like fish oil, vitamin E, baby aspirin) have blood-thinning properties, so make sure all your doctors know if you take them, especially if you plan to have surgery of any kind. Also don't take DHEA unless your RE knows about it, since while some can help with egg quality, too much can increase androgens and actually work against you. In other words, DO NOT take DHEA unless your RE plans to monitor your testosterone levels.

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