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Headstart question from first time mom ?

Okay firstly, I know these questions should be directed to the headstart in question not random people online but I wanted to see what the answers are for people all over before bothering the people lol okay so I have been homeschooling my daughter (almost 4 years old) and it is going great but over all I kind of feel like she is lacking child interaction (my plan was to get her more socially involved with peers in recreational programs or activities/classes such as defensive classes or dance maybe a sport all depending on what she chooses of course) BUT with pandemic drama I feel this year really pulled her away from those opportunities. I was thinking about maybe putting her in headstart for just 1 year but I have big concerns about it. 1) we are vegan, and most of what she eats I cook fresh and probably would be weird hours later of sitting in a lunch box. Could I bring her fresh food daily ? 2) my mom volunteered pretty much daily back in the early 90s when I was in headstart, she was in class the whole year with me, do you think they might still allow this ? 3) what do they teach ? Just abcs/123s emotions type stuff or do they try incorporating things like history or science into these classrooms ? 4) are they strict with vaccinations being up to date ? My daughter was only vaccinated up until her 12 month shots because she had severe life threatening reactions. She has no medical exemptions either, only religious (which is true anyways due to MRC-5 in vaccines)


I agree. Unfortunately it is very hard to find a doctor willing to give a medical exemption due to many doctors losing their jobs for doing it. 

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    If she’s allergic to the vaccine that’s a reason to not vaccinate.  Religion shouldn’t matter

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