Should we insist that all questions on this site are knowledge seeking questions about religion and spirituality? ?

I think this is fair, as when we do not do this it can be upsetting to people who need this site to interact with the human race and, in some cases their interaction with their preferred attraction in regard to gender.  Many of us here, and i am ashamed to include myself on this list do not do this as we have wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and other significant relationships in their lives.  We are GUILTY! We are guilty of making these people that do not have a significant other (and probably never will), that need the structure of knowledge seeking questions feel sad, for shame.

Can I insist, as a long time user of this site that we stop being sad and stop asking questions that are not knowledge seeking questions about R&S because it is a little bit selfish?


Dr. Magistra, should you decide to answer, you had 8 TD's before the last question was deleted...let's see how many you get this time as it will give us an indication of how many 'friends' your enemy has. 

Update 2:

Yes, but she could not hold the cup in her hands...hooves you see, good for running but not holding cups. 

Update 3:

I will keep that in mind Mr. Hunter, hope you are well.

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  • 2 months ago
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     Have I ever told you about a horse called Goldie that used to drink tea out of a china cup?

  • 2 months ago

    Here! Here! 

    You forgot to put "Spiritually" at the beginning of your question, that solves everything.

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