How do you approach a kitchen remodel?

I've been shopping dream kitchens and how to approach this situation. There are so many con artists in this industry that it's scary to even consider thinking about trusting someone.  How does one go about ensuring they land with honest folks that are trustworthy.

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    2 months ago

    You need to know more than you do. You need your own ideas.  You need a description of the work, drawings, specification, bill of material, and pricing.  You might have some one like home depot design you a kitchen. Talk to people who work in the kitchen cabinet areas of the store.  The will tell you what you need to get started, what information they need to make sketches, etc.    Here is an example of the detail of the description. What work is done behind the cabinets.  Are the walls insulated?  In lots of houses, the walls are not insulated and the cupboards are cold in the winter.  So do they add insulation and sheetrock the wall. What about the electrical..  Good time to add more outlets.  So, you need to start thinking and writing, making a list of questions and figuring out how to get answers.   Like you can knock  a hole in the wall and see.

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    2 months ago

    There's a lot of options for finding a contractor, a few that I can think of:

    -Better Business Bureau search will list reputable (and disreputable) contractors

    -Recommendations from friends on contractors they've used.

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    2 months ago

    Love the kitchen photo/design idea.

    Half the battle when I renovated was knowing what I wanted and being clear about that. 

    Next - I used a registered builder (not a kitchen design company). 

    I found the builder I wanted by asking friends and people in my community who they used. The builder was recommended and referred to me and a reputable registered builder. 

    I had 3 X builders visit my house, discuss ideas and provide a quote. 

    The builder I chose was not the cheapest... He was the builder I felt most comfortable with - he gave some great tips and suggestions about my design ideas at our first meeting, he understood my budget (I had a tight budget and hidden surprises or extras was not an option) he put me onto the draftsman he uses who was excellent, answered my phone calls or returned messages promptly and was happy for me to be around checking in each day (he even got to meet my mum and took it all in his stride!) Do your homework... & trust your judgement - you will know when you have found your builder! 

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