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Semi Truck Settlement ?

This past week, a semi truck switched into my lane in a turn and clipped the car I was driving with his trailer and ultimately totaled it. The trucking company has already had me get an estimate and is ready to pay out for that and injury, but the car isn’t in my name (Title is in my narcissistic Mother’s name only to help me save on insurance as Im young) she’s pissed at me for even getting hit because Ive had an at fault accident in the past month and 3 not at fault in the past two years. Anyway, she said if I take the check instead of having them write the one for the car in her name she would sue. Can she even? 


Some of y’all are dumb with these answers. Never heard of a permissive driver huh? 

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    A permissive driver is when you have given someone permission to drive the car that the car is still covered.  The person whose name is on the title is the owner of the car and any loss is the owners (not the drivers).

    The company has to give the check to mom, not you.  Mom lost the car, not you.

    This is not up for negotiation.  It's fraudulent if you make a settlement with the company for the car, because you are not the owner of the car.

    It's too bad that your relationship is so bad with your mom.  If the car really is yours (you paid for it), most parents would make sure that you had the money to replace the car. 


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    No, she's the owner & entitled to compensation for her loss. You are entitled to any injury claim settlement. If she doesn't agree to the settlement, she can sue. So can you, if you do not agree.

    Apparently, you do not have 3 dimensional sight. You have only two & can not judge distances. You need to have your vision tested. My brother only wears glasses to drive. Oh, he's always been unable to catch. 

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    You can't be paid for the vehicle.  It's your mom's vehicle, not yours.  You can't be legally compensated for something you didn't lose.  If the insurance company makes a payment to you for the vehicle, damn right she can sue.  And she'll win.

    Permissive driver doesn't matter.  If the vehicle is in Mom's name, she's the owner.

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    If the car is yours or if you’re the main driver,  then having your mums name on everything for cheaper insurance is known as fronting and is illegal.

    You better hope the other party’s insurance doesn’t ask too many questions.

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    insurance is the companies problem if they hire a driver , see the company , he works for them , or used too ..

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    USA answer:

    Yes she can sue and she would win.

    You don't have a legal leg to stand on.  Since the car is in Your Mothers name you have no say in it.   Besides, the check must be made out to her anyway.

    Permissive, submissive, missive.....It doesn't matter who or why or when someone other than the owner was driving the car, the OWNER gets the check.

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    If the title is in her name, the other party has to pay her, otherwise they would end up paying twice.  You don't own the car so don't try to get the money.

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    It's her car so it is her check. Maybe if you could ******* drive and not just blow **** off like it does not matter, the car could be in your name.

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    They can't give you the check. The car is in her name, the check must go to her. It's the law.

  • Anonymous
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    Two words - you're screwed. If you had been more heads-up behind the wheel you could have avoided the situation that caused the collision. 

    Any by the way, unless you're a named-insured driver under your mother's policy, you've committed insurance fraud by  avoiding paying higher rates dishonestly. 

    Turn in your license and take the bus instead. You're incompetent. I've had one accident in 40 years of driving because my head isn't stuck up my backside..

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