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Was the age of pisces a time when europeans ruled the earth?

Is this true? I’d like to know to know more about other ages and what other groups ruled those ages


Snoopy the age of Pisces was an age in astrology when the gods and goddesses have fallen to their deepest points of matter as opposed to being spiritual unlike the other ages in astrology. The age of Pisces was a dark age for other groups of people in the world it was also an age in which you had to rely upon religion etc.

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    What's the age of Pisces? 

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    The so-called astrological ages are related to the constellations, not the signs of the same name.  However astrologers like to assign the meanings of the signs to those constellations when it comes to the ages.

    An astrological age is based on the position of the vernal point, where the ecliptic (apparent path of the Sun around the Earth) meets the celestial equator (the Earth's equator projected outward) in the East.  If we imagine that point (which is all that it is) to be visible, and we plot which constellation that point is "in" and that's the age.  The problem is there are no agreed upon boundaries between the constellations. Some overlap. The vernal point moves "backwards," i.e. against the order of the constellations. Right now the vernal point is somewhere between the beginning of Pisces and the end of Aquarius.  If we think the boundary for Aquarius is now holding the vernal point, we have entered the age of Aquarius.  If we think it hasn't yet been reached, we're in the age of Pisces.These "ages" average about 2000 years or so apiece, but the constellations are all different sizes. Pisces is huge.  Aries is quite small.  The age of Pisces began roughly with the beginning of Christianity and the rise of Europe.  It is either ending now, or has ended depending on what you believe. Prior to the age of Pisces, was the age of Aries.  That would include the so-called "iron age." That began, roughly about 500 BC.  Mars rules iron.  Prior to that the age of Taurus, an agrarian age. The thing is, a 2000 year period unfolds slowly, and we can't be sure of any general themes.  The ages represent broad topics that are impossible to spot within the span of a single human life.  After a while, say hundreds of years, general trends can be spotted from history. If you are serious about learning about these things, I'm sure any search engine can give you sketchy information by typing in the words "astrological ages."  If you really want to get into it, find a copy of "The Great Year," by Nicholas Campion.  He goes into depth.  A "Great Year" is the time it takes the vernal point to make one complete circle of the constellations of the zodiac, about 25,000 years.  Two caveats:  It ain't an easy read, and it's out of print.  Copies are scarce and expensive when they can be found. Good luck.

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    Don't know what ages are.

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