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Why is Trump so surprised that more Democrats voted by mail? Didn't he tell his supporters NOT to vote by mail?


@ Zardoz - Sounds like you have the missing proof that all these courts have been looking for. You should notify the Trump regime immediately so they can get this election overturned 😂🤣

Update 2:

@ Anonymous: 130k votes with no poll watchers? That definitely sounds like fraud. I wonder why none of Trump's lawyers have ever made this allegation in court. You must be so much smarter than them 😂🤣

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    Yes, he did.  Trump spent weeks telling his supporters that voting by mail wasn't safe.  So, of course they didn't vote by mail in large numbers. 

    What's more, multiple polls have shown that Republicans are significantly less concerned about covid than Democrats are.  Trump effectively politicized the virus early on.  So his supporters were less worried about catching covid and more willing to vote in person.

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    Trump is not surprised and in fact forecast that this would lead to massive fraud.  The only problem is the size of the fraud cannot be proven.

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    He isn't surprised. Why aren't you surprised that four times in the middle of the night ballot boxes were delivered to strategically significant counting stations with 99.4% votes for Biden, while none showed up with Trump votes or at non-strategically significant stations? The former would merely indicate Trump is stupid, which you already believe. The latter would indicate that Jesus Christ has a brobdingnagian B0ner for Biden. I'd like to see that on a bumper sticker.

    It looks like you're getting your propaganda from those who don't want you to know about the ballot drops, and have explained them away as "That is explained by Democrats having voted by mail and Trump voters having voted in person." Anonymous covered that.

    P.S.: "…smarter than they." Not "them".

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    You're missing the point.

    Not all Trump voters voted in person. It was in the neighborhood of 80%. That most did doesn't make the impossible possible.

    It is simply not possible for 130,000 votes in a row to go to one candidate. That this happened after poll watchers were ejected speaks for itself, and that fact alone makes the election fraudulent.

    Math is real, Cletus.

    Show me where anybody has been given an opportunity to make this allegation in court. If you were paying attention, every court has simply dismissed the cases without permitting discovery.  What, you think anybody can just walk into a courtroom and start swearing things to a judge? That's not how it works.

    Hundreds of poll watchers have, of course, signed sworn affidavits stating as much, which carries the same penalties of perjury as swearing under oath in a court room.

    Your childish use of emojis shows nothing but immaturity and a pathetic attempt to appear condescending. You think you're more intelligent than you are. There's no further point in trying to reason with the unreasonable. Take care.

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