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Overcoming worries about being single and running out of time to have kids. ?

I will be 25 in March and I’m still single. I’ve always dreamt about falling in love and having at least one child but I don’t think it is going to happen for me anymore. Its definitely not the only thing I want out of life and it’s not something I want for a while but it is something I want. I don’t want to settle for just any random guy who treats me like crap but I’m worried about my biological clock. I don’t know when I’ll meet the right person, even more so now with this virus, you can’t do anything at all and everyone is on edge and dating with a virus going around is not exactly the safest or smartest thing to do. So it probably will be another few years until I ever get out there again. I’d love to have a family one day but it feels like I won’t due to time.

I won’t freeze my eggs due to the cost and the stuff you have to go through for that and I won’t have a child on my own either. I’d ideally love just one child at 34/35 and feel like that gives me time but I worry. How do I deal with the pressure or deal with ending up not having kids? I want to enjoy my youth and my 20’s but feel like my biological clock is constantly looming over me. 

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    You are only 25. You have at least a good 15 years before you have to really worry about running out of time.

    If you say you want more out of life than just kids why are you so obsessed with them right now and can't see how much time you do have? There's far more to life than popping out a kid or two.

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    Don't wait a couple of years before you start dating.

    You'll be vaccinated some time between February and June.  Make plans to start dating again in June.  Join a singles-oriented church group.  See if there are other singles events in your area.  Take a ballroom dance class.

    Have children at age 30.  By then you should know what your husband is like.  If you wait 'til you're older than you will start to worry about paying for the college educations while also worrying about your retirement.  Don't guilt-trip your kids about the college costs.

    Good luck.  Things can turn out well, even if not perfect.

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