What causes streaks on you computer screen?

My computer operates fine and I don't have any problems with programs, but there is a problem on my monitor/Windows.

On any window I have open, there are three streaks that run down the left hand side of it. In this image you can see the lines, but if You shrink the window, so do the lines. They appear in almost any window you open. All photographs that I view have the treaks on the left hand side. Here's an example.

I know this is a full screen shot, but if this window was not fully open, the same streaks would still be in the photoshop window. They stay in the open window, not the screen. They move with the window. And, it's not one program. Its anything that's open.????

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2 Answers

  • Dick
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Normally those lines would be caused by a faulty video card or video section on the Motherboard. 

    If you have a video card take it out of the pc and reboot with only the video section of the MoBo to see if you get those same artifacts on screen.  If you don't then you know the video card is causing them.  If you've removed the video card and the lines are still there then you know it's the video section of the MoBo causing them.   Troubleshooting 101 !!!!!

  • 2 months ago

    This looks like it could be pixels not displaying correctly.  when you make the window smaller, and pull that edge of the window away from the area of the lines, do the lines follow or do they stay put on the left side?  If so, it may be a problem in the monitor.  I'd suggest taking a look at different refresh rates, or resolutions to see if that can take care of it.  Additionally, plug in a different monitor to see if the lines remain or disappear.  This would tell you right away if this is Video card/hardware or if it is the monitor itself. 

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