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I have an anxiety disorder that sometimes makes tasks very can I make them easier?

So I have anxiety and sometimes a little depression that makes things like taking a shower or doing a small chore very difficult to do. I struggle sometimes to get them done and if I do manage to accomplish them I feel tired. What can I do to make them easier?

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    I struggle with the same thing, it gets so bad sometime that even eating and taking care of myself is too much. What works for me tho is starting small with things you enjoy or don't mind doing, so you're in a better mood and feel more motivated. For example if showering is too much I just wash my face and put on clean comfy clothes. It helps me feel better. Or I'll start with a coping method that puts me in a better mood like having a smoke and then just do one or two small chores like feed the cats and put the dishes in the sink. Then I turn that into a routine, something that puts me in a good mood then a couple small chores. 

    Aslo you have to remember not to beat yourself up about it, and never tell yourself "I should've done more today". Instead remind yourself it's okay if you don't do much and no matter how little the chores you get done are be happy with yourself. Trust me it gets easier.

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    It does not sound like anxiety it sound like you feel tire all the time start exercising little bit everyday that would help.

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    Do you know the concept of "low hanging fruit"?  It's the tasks that are super easy to to do.  Create a weekly to do list and start with the low hanging fruit.  This creates successes and gives you motivation to finish others. 

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