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How can I sue a bank for discrimination without getting an attorney? I asked this question before but here I have more updates. ?

I applied to open a Checking account online. They approved it at first. Then they called me to provide ID and SSN card. I provided that to them. During the conversation with the agent, he asked for more and more documents. I had another friend with the exact condition as me and the only thing he provided was his SSN/ID! (the only difference is our race) I refused to provide more documents and they closed the account that was approved initially. They returned the money inside it to my other bank account. They did not even inform me or call me that they closed the account. 

I contacted the corporate office and they called it bad treatment and they apologized but they said I have to apply again and refused any discrimination ever happened.

I want to file a complaint via civil court but because I was not in a physical bank I do not know how to file the complaint and whose name I should provide! 

I do not know if this is even related but I have a good credit score and as soon as they closed my account I opened it with another bank with only my ID, not even an SSN card or any other documents. 

I really do not seek any money here. I seek justice that is the reason I do not want to spend any attorneys also I do not want the bank to sue me back simply because I fail to prove my case. 

I contacted headquarters and at first, they said we investigate and call you. They never did. They never even respond to my emails. 

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    Jut file a lawsuit.  You will not win.

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    There's nothing to sue over. You've had your justice, the corporate office called it bad treatment and they apologized.  That's it. 

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    The law deals with 'loss' in monetory value, so you would be paying to file a suit because a bank refused to open an account for you and basing it on 'race' when you have zero evidence it was anything to do with race....and pulling the race card without proof means when you lose in court the bank will file for their legal costs to be paid and they will have paid lawyer fees which you will end up paying via a court order........... you have a bank move on!

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You suffered no monetary  damages. All money was returned to you VIA other account.

    Nice play on the race card, but typical  these days.

    You have no case, you lost no money. The bank for their reason determined there was something wrong and returned  your funds. 

    This is not a SMALL claims  court issue. You didn't lose anything

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  • 2 months ago

    Look up your small claims court in your area.  Be prepared to prove the actual damages you suffered and the malicious intent of the bank to receive a punitive award.  And there in lies the problem with your intended suit.  You didn't mention suffering any actual damages and the bank had no malicious intent, as it made an effort to correct the problem.  Save your filing fees and move on.

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