Why doe she never want something until I give it away?

My wife is a strange bird.  It seems that we can have stuff just laying around the house that hasn't been used in months but the minute I give it away she now all of a sudden wants it.  Case in point, last week I fixed EVERYTHING for Thanksgiving dinner to include a pecan pie and 2 sweet potato pies.  We ate one of the sweet potato pies and the other one was in the fridge uncut.  Well, my daughter is currently pregnant and she asked me if I still had the other pie.  I said yes they she could have it because in the next day or so I was gonna throw it away anyway.  Again, it's been in our fridge since last week.  My daughter comes by our house last night and when my wife saw me giving my daughter the entire uncut pie after she left she madea point to ask me, "did you not think I wanted any of that pie?"  I told her that I honestly thought there was still some of the other sweet potato pie left and since I was about to throw the other pie away I just gave it to my daughter because she asked for it.  Again, my wife didn't cook any of the Thanksgiving dishes but I have to run everything through her before I throw it away.  I'm usually the one to go in and clean out the fridge but I have to ask her if she plans to drink the rest of that McDonald's tea that's been in the fridge for a week.  I have to ask her if she plans to eat the Outback leftovers from a week ago because any time I throw anything away she now all of a sudden wants it.  Am I wrong here?  There have been times my 


wife would have three different take out cups in the fridge because she'll take a sip of the KFC tea one day then a sip of the Wendy's tea the next day.  The ice has already melted in every cup but because she put it in there it's suppose to stay there till she finishes it.  Again, am I wrong to give something away or throw it away?

Update 2:


Most of the time I'll give her 4 or 5 days but even still, when I throw something away from the fridge or give something away like in the case of the pie, she now all of a sudden wants/wanted it.  Granted, the pie had been in the fridge for a week and had not been cut.

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  • 2 months ago

    She's not so strange. Women are control freaks. Think about it: If you hadn't given something away, she probably would've complained that you hadn't thrown it out and what's taking so long??? :)

  • i + i
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    2 months ago

    Sounds like a similar mental issue to mine, 

    but most likely due to different circumstances. 

    There was a homeless period in my life, where 

    I was living in the streets. Ever since then, all 

    bits of food to me are quite "precious"... so now 

    I always try to use up everything rather than 

    throw it away. On the other hand, I also do 

    not over-buy, so there are no situations such 

    as you described (multiple partially consumed 

    takeout cups in the fridge). Our rule is seven 

    to ten days before it gets pitched (depends 

    on what it is, and it's condition), and usually 

    the wife stops eating whatever it was at the 

    five day mark. Regardless, based on your 

    endless posts regarding the back-and-forth 

    between you and snowed, I think the main 

    thing here is that you did not first run what 

    you were planning by her.

    @TJ -- two days is way too short. Patrick has 

    it right with four or five as a general rule.

  • T J
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    2 months ago

    Give her the 2 day rule. Anything in the fridge after 2 days get tossed. and stick to it.

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