Can anyone please tell me what “and i never even caught that knife in the basement” means? I cant figure it out ive left some context below.?

So to give u the context a girl i know showed me a conversation she had with a guy we both worked with who has sadly since passed away, but he liked her and one night had sent her a poetic confession on missing out on his opportunity to pursue her, regretting that he hadent tried harder, that if i can remember correctly he said ‘like a goddess in may i let u slip away, and i never even caught that knife in the basement.’ I couldnt stop focusing on that line, tried googling it, no song lyrics was it apart of, no poets or famous historians that quoted it, no friends or family ive asked that could give an explanation to what it meant, just results on a term used in stocks thats right stocks like wallstreet to a term of a falling knife. No basement included, he was a very intellectually smart introverted person but im afraid i missed my chance kinda like he did but more in the way to ask him what he meant by it. Id love to hear what u all think that come across this. Thank you for anyone who tries to answer this!! Its one that’ll really make u think.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Orthodoxy = the only true faith; Roman Catholics tried one cup - one spoon ritual and got sick with Bubonic plague; if heresy enters Orthodox monastery then monks/nuns will get sick with flu/tuberculosis (for instance); Orthodox churches who closed for COVID or had disposable cups/spoons or dipped spoon into alcohol are no longer brides of Christ (now they serve Satan and honor Satan's new COVID religion). Priests who were working for KGB (that is spying on people and betraying their confession) = Sergian heresy. Now, CIA and FSB (new name for KGB) don't need to have priests constantly reporting because of new technology (bugs) that allows them to listen in (and if cameras are present... to look into what people are doing)...Your phones spy on you; don't bring them to church; forgive me.

    Source(s): Saint Spyridon Bishop of Trimythous killed 900 Roman Catholics
  • Sounds like the object of his desire hurt him in some way, betrayal of trust, or similar, but he was so infatuated, so in love with her, at the time that he never fully recognised the act for what it truly was.  He was, in another manner of speaking, blinded by love.  

  • Mark
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Maybe the knife is a symbol of a verbal attack/criticism by her that surprised him because he wasn't ready for it.

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