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Road Rage: Learning to drive, how to you handle difficult situations?

So I'm learning to drive and have had quite a lot of rough experiences just because my area isn't the best for drivers. 

Some situations I've had, I've not been able to resolve.

So the 1st in there was a car that pulled out into a country lane as I approached, realising both our cars would not fit he completely stopped and refused to move until we pass him, to do this we had to tuck or wing mirrors in and I had to perform the manoeuvre up hill. This was really stressful and car was so close to his, I later found out that the car didn't want to pass us because if he hit us it would be his responsibility but if we hit him it would be ours... so he let me struggle.

Another time I was in a parking lot doing manoeuvres, this parking lot has about 300 spots in and there was about 5 cars in there. Despite this I took myself away from the cars...

Then as I was trying to reverse into a bay, I correctly positioned myself and noticed a car had gone all the way round the parking lot to que closely up behind me preventing me from reversing. 

I lost my cool immediately and began shouting at him, I couldn't believe it this parking lot has no cars anyway and he's queuing behind me? I wasn't even blocking the entrance or anything.

Either way, I feel really bad when shouting at people... I don't like doing it but some people just think we're guests in their world.

How do you calm down or handle situations similar?


With the first scenario I honestly felt like leaving my car in the road and going for food or something, cause the Taxi driver facing me was just oblivious... didn't want to talk or anything.

Update 2:

Some of you should read the rules of the road, if a car pulls out from a junction into your road it is their responsibility to do it safely, you can't just go out of the junction and expect all traffic to stop for you.

So for those saying he had the right of way you're totally wrong.

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    Both situations may be awkward, but you did not mention any shouting (or worse) until at the end.  That is where you are in the wrong.  

    The other driver in the first scenario was quiet, calm , and allowed you to choose how to handle the situation (polite) and you did handle it.

    The other driver in the 2nd scenario does seem a little strange as you describe it.  I presume he had his reason.  But your shouting probably did not help.

        Learn to be patient

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    In the US, uphill traffic has right of way and main thoroughfare has right of way unless otherwise controlled by a sign or signal. I've had that situation and turned the car off and dangled the keys out the window. The moron moved over.

    Signal your intentions, even in a parking lot, but other drivers should not follow too closely as to create a dangerous situation. When they see the reverse lights, they need to realize they're in the way and either go 

    around or back up. I've seen people hog the road, and those same people walk they also hog the sidewalk. There is rampant stupidity, meanness and rudeness to the point it's dangerous these days.

    This shows no sign of getting better.

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    First, he was wrong He should've waited for you to pass before pulling out of a country lane. What, he didn't see you? And, he should back up the hill, not you.

    Second, the driver pulling up behind you was clueless. I would've just sat there waiting for him to go around. Since there were more spots, why not just move to another?

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    If you're such a geek you have these funny feelings about driving how about hitch hiking or taking the bus?!

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     in the first situation you already knew the road was narrow as soon as you got on it.

    . (I have never seen a public road that narrow, just long driveways)  Then you learn to see the wide parts of the road, and remember the ones you have there are shoulders off the pavement some wider than others.

    .  You may have to put your car into reverse to get onto the wide bit of shoulder either for you or for him (so you are eyeballing both sides of the road because it is that narrow.  You know what you came from and if there are wide parts...and you know how far back the beginning of the road is.  You may have to back up to the beginning of the road because it is a ONE lane road.  Going down to the beginning of the road is easier than backing up the hill.  So IT IS UP TO YOU TO GIVE WAY & back off.  ALSO if his car is BIGGER than yours, you back down.  It is a crash YOU will lose.  Whoever built the road (in my area it is the homeowner) did not think of 2 way traffic...if there is width it is in the dirt usually at a sharp corner.

    "I later found out that the car didn't want to pass us because if he hit us it would be his responsibility but if we hit him it would be ours"

    NOT if it is a private driveway.  Common sense is needed here.  If there was a residence at the top, then he was there FIRST, and you are the new comer. He HAS TO GET OUT.  You could show up 15 minutes later, no big deal.

    No rage necessary. Your timing just happened to be "that time" when he was leaving.

    . The first guy up would know the length of the road too and he knew that it was closer to the beginning of the road than for him to back up.  You would find that out later. When you eventually go up.

    . The TAXI driver figures you know how to drive...and would know this unwritten rule.  Besides he is driving  a Taxi. so if it gets scratched it is not a big concern because it is not his car.  It is a company car.

    . I go snow skiing and sometimes the road is a single lane in you learn to accommodate the traffic that is already up there and wanting to come down.  I am the new comer, so there is more room at the bottom than there is at the top?

    The reverse parking thing, I am still not used to that new way of parking.  Just pull in forward and park. Done.  Back out when you are leaving. Done.  So many times I am on the tail of a car that all of a sudden stops and wants to back up?  I got 50 cars behind me wanting to go forward and this jerk wants to back into a space?   Do it when there is less traffic...then you can park the car on its roof.  I don't care. No need to yell. This way of parking is NEW to many drivers who have been on the road since the invention of the wheel.  Nobody told us about new parking techniques.  As they are not mandatory.  Getting out of the way of traffic flow quickly is what you are suppose to be doing.

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    it seems like you aren't ready to be driving on public roads yet.

    He let you struggle? He doesn't know you are a new driver and freaked out about this.  He probably thought he was being nice by allowing you to go first. 

    You are in an empty parking lot and suddenly start reversing - WTF?  He wasn't queing behind you.  He expected you to be driving forward.  Not all of a sudden reversing in an empty lot.

    You need to put a GIGANTIC sign on your car that says STUDENT DRIVER with flashing red light around it, so people know that you don't know what you are doing. 

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