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"I've found something cool in my alone life." "I've found something cool in my lonely life." Which one is correct ?

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    kind of depends on what you mean by "alone life".  Being alone does not require loneliness.  I am not sure that either is strictly correct.

    I could imagine a valid term called my "alone life", especially if it was put in quotes as part of the sentence, to indicate that it is an invented term.  I can imagine having an "alone life" (as opposed to a "group life") and not being actually lonely, especially if my alone life was only a subset of my regular life, only meant the time in my life when I am purposefully alone.  We all have an "alone life".  Usually call it private time, time by myself, or something like that.

    Most people do like to take some time apart from the rest of the world, to be alone and maybe think about things or just to relax, like maybe taking a walk in the woods.  That isn't being lonely.

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    Definitely lonely. Alone is not an adjective.

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    lonely is correct 

    We need more information about "something cool" to know whether the communication is correct.

    If "cool" is directly related to being alone, both are incorrect.

    These three each have a slightly different meaning:

    I've found something cool about a lonely life.

    I've found something cool about life as a loner.

    I've found something cool about living in isolation. 

    and each is a little different from your sentence.

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