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what would you do if......?

the PEOPLE in your country are rude and have a bad attitude towards other..... there are many examples of the bad attitude but one is being selfish on EVERYTHING!

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    Moral courage, the ability to confront abuse and injustice, risking our own well-being to affirm our deepest values and the rights of others.

    Without moral courage there would be no social progress, only a chilling climate of fear and learned helplessness. 

    It takes courage to disagree, to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people will resist peer pressure to publically disagree. Moral courage involves compassion, concern for the lives of others.

    The people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust were more than three standard deviations above bystanders in empathic concern, social responsibility, and altruistic moral reasoning.

    Concern for other people can be undermined by an atmosphere of chronic stress. People can become too busy, too rushed or too overwhelmed to care. 

    The people with moral courage have greater self-efficacy, which contributes to greater emotional and physical health, and acts of moral courage can produce a ripple effect, transforming the people and conditions around us. 

    The elevation we experience when witnessing acts of moral courage makes us want to help others and become better people ourselves.

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