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Why importance of having a website for your business?

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    If you do not have at least a 1 page website people cannot find your business.  ALTHOUGH...my BIL is a private practice lawyer and he does not keep a website...he says his listings with professional organizations and on the digital yellow pages is enough....but he has a particular specialty and gets all of his clients through referrals from other lawyers in his building.

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    Customers expect you to have one. Personally, I've chosen to do business with companies that had an online presence over those that did not.

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    Website, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Tripadvisor(when visitors involved), Angie's list, Nextdoor, Google optimization, and all other virtual and social media are important to the success of businesses because it's a virtual world connected by recommendations and communication. You can use private sections to communicate to employees and customers and post relevant information. If you don't understand, you can hire a friend or relative to manage your virtual presence. Businesses are made or broken by online activity. New customers find you is far easier than you finding them. Advertising used to be in printed paper ads and person to person, but now that's all online. Which sites in use varies by your location. 

    I live in Las Vegas. Restaurants are most important, but every service and product sales benefits from getting new and return customers. http://www.cuginositalian.com/Apps shown top right.

    Bottom left showing "Likes"

    Just Google Cugino's Las Vegas and find entry after entry.

    Facebook not as active as July was latest entry:


    But every site has entries.



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    We live in the age of internet where absolutely everything is online. We are sharing information and communicating online thanks to to this tool. After a bit more than a decade internet managed to become a life necessity for us. We found love, friends, entertainment, job, education and so much more online.


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