(Only people that have dealt with long distance relationships) Do you and your significant other fight more when you’re apart?

My gf and I always bicker over little things. We’ve already gone through every major roadblock that could’ve ended our relationship, so I think we’re done with the tough stuff. The only things we ever argue about are small, stupid things that we soon realize after taking a minute to ourselves, weren’t even worth arguing over. Idk if it’s the distance that causes it; I know that after visiting each other we’re fine for awhile. It’s after being separated for a couple months that we start to bicker. Idk if it’s the frustration of being apart, but that’s what it seems like. Cause when we see each other we’re perfectly fine; it’s after we’re separated for awhile that we both get frustrated over little things. Can anyone that’s been in  a ld relationship relate? The separation definitely takes a toll, but do you find yourselves arguing more the longer you’re apart? Cause that’s what it feels like to me.

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