Roblox account terminated... help please!?

We had some fraud on our PayPal account and PayPal disputed the wrong charge!! Claimed a Roblox charge as fraud and it was NOT fraud.. it was me making the purchase. My Roblox account has now been terminated over $4.99! I emailed an appeal to Roblox but haven’t heard back ... how can I get my account back?! It’s so devastating for my kids who’ve spent so much time & money on the account for so many years... any help would be so appreciated :)

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  • 1 month ago

    A LOT of games & services tend to take payment fraud (where a person buys an item or service, then have the payment processor reverse the charges) VERY SERIOUSLY as it costs them more than the money lost in the transaction (PayPal tends to charge a $15 fee against the vendor on the reversed charge) & damages their reputation with the payment processor (which can cause their account to be suspended or even terminated).

    The easiest option is to just PermaBan the account associated with the payment fraud.

    With reversed charged by PayPal on the account, the current damages with said account is sitting around $20...  so the company can be justifiably pissed off at you.  While you can see about an appeal, you might want to check Roblox's Terms of Service & Acceptable Usage Policies to see if there's anything that could assist you.  If you're willing to pay the financial damage caused by the reverse charge (at $20) through a different payment method (as they're unlikely to accept PayPal in this case), they might be more willing to review an appeal.

    ASSUMING they're willing to appeal your ban, you will likely have PayPal permanently blocked as a payment method on your account...  just be warned that this is something that may not happen.

  • 2 months ago

    You may have to pay the $4.99 again.

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