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Am I supposed to not tell on my coworkers?

I have a coworker who leaves early, is absent a lot, takes long breaks and just disappears and I was getting irritated. I was standing next to my manager and I was telling her that I haven't seen my coworker for a while and did not know where she disappeared to. Then think my other coworker heard and intervened and changed the subject and was looking at me. Why did she change the subject? Was she trying to tell me that I should not tell on my coworkers even if they are lazy?

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    I have kind of the same problem at my job. People do what they want, but what we all need to do is worry about ourselves and not others. Let them get in trouble. Do your own job let it be and go home.

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    Maybe it's just me, but I think you handled it well by just saying you hadn't seen them for a while. I don't see that as 'snitching', but making an observation. In future, just do your job, the more you do, the better you do - and the better you look. It's not your job to gauge/judge who 'is working' - that's the manager's job. Trust me - in time it always comes out. 

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    The person who jumped in and changed the subject was covering for the careless coworker.

    It is hard to sit back and work while a coworker is irresponsible and stealing paid hours without working, never-ending if you need to collaborate with said absentee worker to complete your own work.

    I, too, dislike lazy people and those who have horrible work ethics. That is dishonest. And if they are that blatantly dishonest, there is no way I trust them at, zero respect for them either.

    I would typically ignore that type of coworker unless their lack of performance interfered with my job or productivity.

    Howsoever, I may 'innocently' ask the boss if "X" called in sick on days they were overly late.

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     Snitching is your defense from being taken advantage of z

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    In general, I would not "tell on" co-workers, but if they are in the habit of disappearing, arriving late, etc. I would hope the manager would notice.  If he asked you where the co-worker is, it is only right to tell him.  But not in front of other workers; that's where the etiquette comes in.

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    If done right, this isn't "telling on" a co-worker.  It's letting a manager know that there's a problem the manager needs to be aware of.  But the way you handled this, it was more like gossip.  The right way to do it, if you think the manager needs to be made aware, is call the manager and ask if this is a good time to talk.  If not, set an appt.  You would never say something like this when there's a possibility it would be overheard, and now you see why.  I have no idea why your coworker reacted that way, but it seems to be a safe bet she'll tell the other co-worker.  Sorry, but you did not handle this well at all.

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    i would tell on them

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    If your co-worker isn't doing their job, it's up to the supervisor or manager to determine this and take appropriate action, not you. You're there to do your job to the best of your ability and not to whine and complain about others. Should your company ever decide to promote you to a supervisory position you'll then be responsible for others. Until then, keep your mouth shut. No one likes a snitch and, in some locations, they have suffered serious injuries.

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    Is that really true though as always TWO SIDES to a story! So we are only seeing ur one!. I would say first STOP telling on people as thats not long has that been going on for and do u usually work with her?

    Leaving early though. And disappearing well do YOU TELL others where YOU ARE GOING?! coz if not than stop being a hypocrite same goes for if you are doing work or not! Maybe she does do a lot but you just don't appreciate that.. And she does NOT need to tell you where she is going. Especially if YOU DO NOT DO THAT.

    As for the breaks so what..she can say how long the break is if say it is half an hour just let her have that and maybe there is nothing much to do so having a bit of a longer break is ok.


    I have a coworker who does things I am not happy with but I do not tell on her..think I do want to talk to her first though as not happy with things she does.

    What are the tasks that u people need to do?! And what are her hours?! Is she actually usually working there?! Or has the corona year FŲCKED with where she USUALLY WORKS! If so well I see her point.  And what do u do.

    Plus u are NOT THE fųcking boss so STOP acting like it! The coworker was correct to step in.

    If she is working till a certain time and finishes at that time than thats fine. 

    Maybe she goes for a pee!


  • Just let your coworker's behavior hang herself. Eventually her behavior will catch up to her. And at the same time don't cover for her or help her out with her work if she gets behind or is having a hard time with it. Don't get involved one way or the other. Just do what you can to make yourself outshine this coworker because in the long run it will pay off. If she asks for your help you can respond by making a snide remark along the lines of, "Why would you need my help if you have so much time to [slack off, miss work, leave early, take long breaks]? You get the idea. And this is very important to keep in mind, if her behavior catches up to her, and you refused to help her she will lash back by acting like a victim and try and shift the responsibility on to you. Don't give into it, don't stand up for her, and don't protect her, stand your ground, and let her lack of a work ethic do the talking.

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