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Can someone please tell me what might be going on?

I was at work and its my second period day for this month. I havent had much period pain trouble in months, so it came as a surprise when suddenly i had to go to the bathroom - I assumed I would just poo and be fine after. But after i pooed, i couldnt get up from the toilet because the pain was so severe. It was so bad that I was about to pass out. I also vomitted a bit. I also thought that would help totally get rid of the lower abdomen pain. I guess it helped somewhat.

I had to go home early. I didn't know if that debilitating pain would come back again during my workday. I was still feeling ill, by the way, but the pain subsided enough for me to be able to get up off the toilet and go home right away.

Now after laying in bed sleeping and resting for like 8 hours or so, i woke up and still feel pain in the lower abdomen. I cabt even walk straight. I walk with a severe bend in my back so i am constantly doubled over, basically. 

I want to feel better after sleeping again tonight but idk if this debilitating pain will go away. It doesnt hurt as much as before but its enough that i cant walk straight o_O

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    Sounds like period cramps. They're caused by the uterus contracting to expel the unused uterine lining. This is kinda generally caused by hormones, chemical messages your body sends via the bloodstream. Sometimes you end up with muscular contractions sorta throughout the abdominal area. Not just the uterus. Some women regularly experience diarrhea with their menstruation or pms. From everything contracting and squeezing. It can be very uncomfortable. Depending on the intensity level, it can definitely become debilitating.

    I can't explain why you may or may not have had period pain before, or why it would be more intense this time. I'm not a doctor.

    I can tell you what will help. Over the counter (non prescription) pain reliever medication may help. Such as ibuprofen, tylenol, advil, motrin, etc. Those are brand names though. Pay attention to the "Active Ingredient" listed on the label. In case it doesn't work, or if the company later changes their formula...its easier to find what does work if you know what you are actually taking. The second thing that helps is heat. Warmth can help relax muscles, ease contractions, and provide some relief. Sources for heat that you can use for period pain relief include: electric heating pad, hot water bottle, cuddling warm household pets, hot showers, and lots of blankets.

    If all attempts to manage pain at home are ineffective, or you experience other debilitating symptoms, anything unusual that seems off....please seek appropriate healthcare. (Tylenol & a heating pad helps for cramps, but does not work for an inflammed appendix.) 

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