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Cd4 cd8 ratio ?

CMIA HIV test is negative at 3-10 months and after one year. Is that conclusive? 

CD4 count is 702 

CD8 is 752,  ratio is 0.93.

Does that mean the immunity is low?


Cd4/Cd8 was done because recurrent symptoms like sore throat, oral thrush and some non healing fungal infections 

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    Not exactly sure why they did CD4/CD8. Not exactly the normal diagnostic flow. The new recommendations revised by the CDC is as follows and that is do a 4th generation test which you had done and then if it's negative then it's over. No need for anything else.

    The CD4/CD8 is not FDA approved to diagnose HIV but it is approved to monitor counts once HIV is diagnosed. 

    Nothing you have provided has indicated a need for CD4 counts so any clinical relevance will have to come from your doctor. I take it you have never been HIV positive based on your antibody test. 

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