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Why do I like the tall/crew length sock look on a woman so much?

Do you think it's weird? Or is it just my personal preference on a lady... Like let's put it this way there's two attractive women in their mid/late 20s one has medium crew socks on it the other has ankle or footies on, I 100% would go for the girl with the above the ankle sock look. 

I know people will say socks are just socks but there is something more attractive to me. What's funny is I usually don't wear socks or wear shorter ones... 

You're welcome for the laugh but that is just what I like I want answers on why I like this on a good looking girl... 

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    You have a fetish. Sock and foot fetishes are not uncommon. As far as fetishes go this one is mostly harmless as it's not based in humiliating, degrading or dominating another person. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes extremely weird. Seek help 

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