If stuff from America is considered Western culture, what are things from Britain considered?

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    2 months ago
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    Western culture is any thing that came from the West Roman Empire ... plus ancient Greece since they were clearly part of Rome before the split.

    It includes Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland and England. So, all of the Americas and the UK are covered.

    Germans were included later, but they weren't involved in the foundation (of either place)

    It all becomes apparent when you look at these prominent national mottos written in Latin based / Romance languages.

    British royal family's crest - dieu et mon droit

    Confederate south's national - deo vindice

    US national - e pluribus unum

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    2 months ago

    British culture, you dolt.

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    2 months ago

    Western. Europe and the USA are Western culture. Western culture is basically anything that comes from Germanic people (Anglo, German, etc). However, Germanic people were greatly inspired by Roman culture, which was in turn inspired by Greek culture. So, often Roman and Greek culture are included in western culture. The USA like Britain is an Anglo country that has its origins from Britain.

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